School projects – Gardening has a massive educational and social value, children love to get dirty and play in the soil, planting seeds, watering and growing and feeling ‘helpful’. Gardening offers the development of many skills –

Maths – working out how many seeds to plant and how far apart they should be planted.

Physical exercise – digging and raking and pushing their hopefully much smaller wheelbarrow!

Art – getting children to design a garden using shapes and colours and their imagination is a great way to get them engaged with the outdoors.

Biology – Identifying insects, birds and plants using books and posters helps them understand how vital these things all are to our gardens.

Responsibility – getting children to nurture seedlings and plants is a very good way of making them responsible for something and understanding that plants need care and attention.

We can come to your school and construct willow structures, plant wildlife areas, install a living roof or prepare areas for them to grow vegetables and if you have enough space you could even have a maze! The children could get involved in almost every stage of these projects, it is very rewarding for them to have drawn something and then see it completed.

Please see our store for our range of children’s gardening tools and equipment.